Word Shuffle Level 71-80 Answers

We continue to write the answers to the Word shuffle game from where we left off. Lately we have seen a lot of answers about the game on the internet. We decided to hurry a little more to write the answers because they said that a large majority of these game answers were also wrong. We are waiting for your comments on our internet address, where a different game response takes place every day.

Level 71-80 Answers

Word shuffle 71 cot, cost, costs

Word shuffle 72 eve, ever, veer, serve

Word shuffle 73 see, sew, seek, week, weeks

Word shuffle 74 bot, bud, but, out, doubt

Word shuffle 75 in, gin, grin, ring, reign

Word shuffle 76 in, it, nut, tiny, unit, unity

Word shuffle 77 in, is, sign, signs

Word shuffle 78 old, fold, food, fool, flood

Word shuffle 79 foe, for, core, fore, force

Word shuffle 80 elf, fame, leaf, meal, male, flame

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